If You're Waiting for The Hunger Games, Try One of These

Legend By Lu, Marie, 1984- (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:The United States has turned into the Republic and is at war with its neighbours. 15 year old June is a military prodigy. 15 year old Day is the country's most wanted criminal. What will happen when they cross paths?

Delirium By Oliver, Lauren, 1982- (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:A cure has been found for love. The government demands that all citizens receive the cure at age 18. Lena is fine with this - until she falls in love.

Divergent By Roth, Veronica (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:In dystopian Chicago, people are divided into 5 factions, each according to a certain virtue. At 16, everyone must choose the faction that they want to belong to for the rest of their lives. Sometimes this is a most difficult decision.

Uglies By Westerfeld, Scott (Book - 2005 )

Annotation:At 16, you get to turn 'pretty' and your life becomes all about having a great time. Tally can't wait. Her friend Shay has other ideas and wants to escape to life on the outside. Tally is presented with a tough choice. Should she choose her friend's happiness or her own?

Matched By Condie, Allyson Braithwaite (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:In the Society, EVERYTHING is controlled. Then something happens which makes Cassia question whether the Society is really as infallible as it seems.

Enclave By Aguirre, Ann (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:Deuce has earned the name Huntress. She must brave the tunnels outside the enclave to bring back food and evade the the terrible monsters known as Freaks. Danger begins to close in. The elders don't seem to be heeding the warnings. Is there anything that Deuce can do?

Empty By Weyn, Suzanne (Book - 2010 )

Annotation:In the near future, fossil fuels are running out. Teens are trying to survive but their lives will never be the same.

All These Things I've Done
All These Things I've Done By Zevin, Gabrielle (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:In the future, chocolate and caffeine are contraband, Anya finds herself the heir apparent to an important New York City crime family.

Awaken By Kacvinsky, Katie (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:People hardly ever leave their homes and do everything online. Then Madeline discovers a group of radicals who are trying to convince people to 'unplug'.

Blood Red Road
Blood Red Road By Young, Moira (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:Saba's twin brother Lugh is kidnapped and Saba goes on a journey to rescue him. She must face danger in order to survive.

Eve By Carey, Anna (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:Years after a deadly virus wipes out most of the population, Eve discovers what really happens to students when they graduate from her school. She begins a treacherous journey, hoping to survive.

Ship Breaker
Ship Breaker By Bacigalupi, Paolo (Book - 2010 )

Annotation:Nailer scavenges metal from grounded oil tankers for a living, but everything changes when he finds a girl in the wreckage of a ship.

Incarceron By Fisher, Catherine, 1957- (Book - 2010 )

Annotation:Claudia tries to help a young prisoner escape from Incarceron, a futuristic prison.

Ashfall By Mullin, Mike (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:Alex is left alone for the weekend while his parents visit relatives. Then the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts, causing massive destruction. The world is transformed and Alex fights desperately to reach his family.

Girl in the Arena
Girl in the Arena By Haines, Lise (Book - 2009 )

Annotation:Lyn lives in a world that loves violence. People fight to the death on live tv. A young fighter kills Lyn's father and captures her dowry bracelet. This means she must marry him or fight.

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