Civil War and Missouri

About Nathaniel Lyon, Brigadier General, United States Army Volunteers and Wilson's Creek
About Nathaniel Lyon, Brigadier General, United States Army Volunteers and Wilson's Creek By Kemp, Hardy A., 1902- (Paperback - 1978 ) B LYO Available in some locations

Annotation:Study of the life of General Lyon, his involvement at the Battle of Wilson's Creek, and his turbulent relationship with his commander, General John C. Fremont, which may have led to his demise and the Union disaster at Wilson's Creek

Autobiography of Samuel S. Hildebrand
Autobiography of Samuel S. Hildebrand The Renowned Missouri Bushwhacker By Hildebrand, Samuel S., 1836-1872. (Book - 2005 ) B HIL Available in some locations

Annotation:The historical significance of Hildebrand's story is substantial, but his bloody tale is eminently readable and stands quite well on its own as a cold-blooded portrait of a violent time in American history.

The Battle of Carthage, Missouri
The Battle of Carthage, Missouri First Trans-Mississippi Conflict of the Civil War By Burchett, Kenneth E. (Paperback - 2013 ) 973.731 BUR Available in some locations

Annotation:"The Battle of Carthage, Missouri, was the first full-scale land battle of the Civil War. Described are the events leading up to the battle, the battle itself, and the aftermath."

The Battle of Pea Ridge
The Battle of Pea Ridge The Civil War Fight for the Ozarks By Knight, James R., 1945- (Paperback - 2012 ) 973.731 KNI Available in some locations

Annotation:After months of reverses, the Union army went on the offensive in the early spring of 1862. In southwestern Missouri, General Curtis had driven Sterling Price into the arms of General McCulloch's Confederate army in northwestern Arkansas. Two days of fighting in the Ozark Mountains at a place called Pea Ridge decided control of northern Arkansas and southern Missouri for the rest of the war.

The Big Divide
The Big Divide A Travel Guide to Historic & Civil War Sites in the Missouri-Kansas Border Region By Eickhoff, Diane (Paperback - 2013 ) 917.78 EIC Available in some locations

Annotation:Trip planning is easy with this guide, which is packed with themed driving tours, kid-friendly sites, and tips from two experienced history travelers.

Borderland Rebellion
Borderland Rebellion A History of the Civil War on the Missouri-Arkansas Border By Ingenthron, Elmo, 1911-1988. (Book - 1980 ) 973.7097 ING Available in some locations

Annotation:Borderland Rebellion makes a trip back in time, to view, through the eyes of many of the people who lived it, the mounting controversy, the political struggle, the battles fought in the borderlands, and the terror of living in the middle of a battlefield to four years of the war.

Caught Between Three Fires
Caught Between Three Fires Cass County, Mo., Chaos, & Order No. 11, 1860-1865 By Rafiner, Tom A. (Paperback - 2010 ) 977.842 RAF Available in some locations

Annotation:This book explores the struggles that Cass County and its citizens faced being caught between three raging fires: Secessionism, Unionism, and an undying Border War. For 11 years, Cass County endured the vortex of our nation’s most violent conflict.

A Civil War Diary
A Civil War Diary By Black, James A., 1835-1902. (Book - 2008 ) 973.781 BLA Available in some locations

Annotation:Assistant Surgeon James A. Black takes the reader on a seldom traveled journey--a fourteen hundred sixty-one day excursion--as he participates in the American Civil War.

The Civil War's First Blood
The Civil War's First Blood Missouri, 1854-1861 By Denny, James, 1943- (Paperback - 2007 ) 973.7097 DEN Available in some locations

Annotation:Where the Civil War Began describes the political atmosphere in the state leading up to war and the conflicting loyalties of its citizens. Highlighted are the key political and military players, military operations the war's effects on Missourians through the first year of the tortuous struggle to determine the state's allegiance.

The Civil War in Missouri
The Civil War in Missouri A Military History By Gerteis, Louis S. (Book - 2012 ) 977.803 GER Available in some locations

Annotation:The first book-length examination of its kind, The Civil War in Missouri: A Military History challenges the prevailing opinion that Missouri battles made only minor contributions to the war. Gerteis specifically focuses not only on the principal conventional battles in the state but also on the effects these battles had on both sides' national aspirations.

The Civil War in Missouri
The Civil War in Missouri As Seen From the Capital City By Brugioni, Dino A. (Book - 1987 ) 973.7 BRU Available in some locations

Annotation:This book covers the civil war period in Missouri, includes numerous interesting illustrations and photographs with a particular focus on the defenses of Jefferson City. Also contains a very good bibliography on civil war resources for Missouri.

The Civil War in Missouri, Day by Day 1861 - 1865
The Civil War in Missouri, Day by Day 1861 - 1865 (Book - 1992 ) 977.8 CIV Available in some locations

Annotation:Follow as events transpire across Missouri within those four long years. From raids and pursuit of the outlaws to the hunting down of Southern sympathizers and the Federal scouting parties across the state, this book has something for everyone. This book is deemed by many readers as a Missouri classic.

Civil War on the Missouri-Kansas Border
Civil War on the Missouri-Kansas Border By Gilmore, Donald L. (Book - 2006 ) 973.7097 GIL Available in some locations

Annotation:In reexamining many of the long-held historical assumptions about this period, Gilmore discusses President Lincoln's utmost desire to keep Missouri in the Union by any and all means. As early as 1858, Kansan and Union troops carried out unbridled confiscation or destruction of Missouri private property, until the state became known as "the burnt region." These outrages escalated to include martial law throughout Missouri and finally the infamous General Orders Number 11 of September 1863 in which Union general Thomas Ewing, federal commander of the region, ordered the deportation of the entire population of the border counties.

Civil War in the Ozarks
Civil War in the Ozarks By Steele, Phillip W. (Paperback - 2009 ) 976.71 STE REV. Available in some locations

Annotation:In writing Civil War in the Ozarks, the late Phillip W. Steele and Steve Cottrell extensively researched the battles on the western front that took place between 1861 and 1865. They looked at the heroes, outlaws, and peacemakers who influenced the role the Ozarks played in the war between the states. -

Civil War Springfield
Civil War Springfield By Wood, Larry (Paperback - 2011 ) 977.878 WOO Available in some locations

Annotation:During the Civil War, Springfield was a frontier community of about 1,500 people, but it was the largest and most important place in southwest Missouri. The Northern and Southern. armies vied throughout the early part of the war to occupy its strategic position. Historian Larry Wood chronicles this epic story.

The Civil War in St. Louis
The Civil War in St. Louis A Guided Tour By Winter, William C., 1947- (Book - 1995 ) R973.7097 WIN Available in some locations

Annotation:The design of the book is such that it can be used as an on-site tour guide to Civil War St. Louis. Current directions, locations, and street names are given along with War era descriptions of the sites. Significant places are described--what existed then as well as what is on the site now. Also included are the burial locations of important people from both sides with biographical information about them.

The Civil War Story of Bloody Bill Anderson
The Civil War Story of Bloody Bill Anderson By Wood, Larry (Paperback - 2003 ) 973.737 WOO All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:When the Civil War broke out, Missouri was secured for the Union, but many Southern-leaning citizens in the border state resented the Federal occupation. Fighting along the border flared up again as hundreds of boys and young men took to the bush to champion the Rebel cause. Waging a particularly vicious brand of guerilla warfare, they stayed to fight long after regular Confederate forces had been driven from the state. Although William "Bloody Bill" Anderson always warrants special mention in books about Confederate Civil War guerrilla William Quantrill, Anderson’s story has scarcely been told in its own right.

The Devil Knows How to Ride
The Devil Knows How to Ride The True Story of William Clarke Quantrill and His Confederate Raiders By Leslie, Edward E. (Book - 1996 ) B QUA Available in some locations

Annotation:This is the first modern biography of the most famous--and infamous--soldier, rogue, raider, and terrorist to emerge from the Civil War. It is based on memoirs, letters, diaries, and newspapers--all of which the author has skillfully converted in a biography that is almost sure to provoke controversy among Civil War historians and buffs alike. of photos.

Financial Fraud and Guerrilla Violence in Missouri's Civil War, 1861-1865
Financial Fraud and Guerrilla Violence in Missouri's Civil War, 1861-1865 By Geiger, Mark W. (Book - 2010 ) 977.803 GEI Available in some locations

Annotation: This highly original work explores a previously unknown financial conspiracy at the start of the American Civil War. The book explains the reasons for the puzzling intensity of Missouri's guerrilla conflict, and for the state's anomalous experience in Reconstruction. In the broader history of the war, the book reveals for the first time the nature of military mobilization in the antebellum United States.

Gettysburg of the West
Gettysburg of the West The Battle of Westport, October 21-23, 1864 By Lee, Fred L. (Book - 1996 ) 973.737 LEE Available in some locations

Annotation:Containing a full narrative history plus helpful images and maps, this book explores the Battle of Westport often called the “Gettysburg of the West,” However this battle is not remembered as a major turning point in the war, but instead an indication of the war’s looming end.

Guerrillas in Civil War Missouri
Guerrillas in Civil War Missouri By Erwin, James W. (Paperback - 2012 ) 977.803 ERW Available in some locations

Annotation:Federal troops fought more than one thousand battles in Missouri--mostly with guerrillas. But these numbers mask the level of violence because they do not include attacks on civilians. Entire counties were given up to destruction because both sides were willing to turn to guns and torches if their demands for supplies and information were not met.

The Half Not Told
The Half Not Told The Civil War in A Frontier Town By Filbert, Preston (Book - 2001 ) 977.8132 FIL Available in some locations

Annotation:This is the tale of a town ripped apart by divided loyalties during the Civil War, a town devastated by the war, yet with a story completely unlike that of towns truly in the South. The author tells of a Border Town which was ravaged by both the North and the South.and introduces you to the very real people who lived in the town through this violent time, often quoting their own words from a letter or a diary

In Deadly Earnest
In Deadly Earnest The History of the First Missouri Brigade, CSA By Gottschalk, Phil (Book - 1991 ) 973.7 GOT Available in some locations

Annotation:Phil Gottschalk vividly documents the First Missouri Brigade's combat record second to none among any brigade North or South. The 540 pages of carefully researched history, fully footnoted and indexed, include 15 maps and 30 photographs. The hopes, fears, emotions of the Missourians, as well as those who fought at their side or against them is movingly revealed in their words from many diaries, letters, manuscripts, memoirs and official records. Testimony of 52 Federal soldiers, 64 Confederates from other states and 35 members of the Missouri Brigade provide a balanced and fair account.

Lincoln and Citizens' Rights in Civil War Missouri
Lincoln and Citizens' Rights in Civil War Missouri Balancing Freedom and Security By Boman, Dennis K. (Book - 2011 ) 973.7092 BOM Available in some locations

Annotation:Dennis K. Boman reveals the difficulties that the president, military officials, and state authorities faced in trying to curb traitorous activity while upholding the spirit of the United States Constitution. Boman explains that despite Lincoln's desire to disentangle himself from Missouri policy matters, he was never able to do so.

Missouri's War
Missouri's War The Civil War in Documents (Paperback - 2009 ) 977.803 MIS Available in some locations

Annotation:The documents collected in Missouri's War reveal what factors motivated Missourians to remain loyal to the Union or to fight for the Confederacy, how they coped with their internal divisions and conflicts, and how they experienced the end of slavery in the state. Private letters, diary entries, song lyrics, official Union and Confederate army reports, newspaper editorials, and sermons illuminate the war within and across Missouri's borders. Missouri's War also highlights the experience of free and enslaved African Americans before the war, as enlisted Union soldiers, and in their effort to gain rights after the end of the war

Price's Lost Campaign
Price's Lost Campaign The 1864 Invasion of Missouri By Lause, Mark A. (Book - 2011 ) 973.73 LAU Available in some locations

Annotation:In the fall of 1864, during the last brutal months of the Civil War, the Confederates made one final, desperate attempt to rampage through the Shenandoah Valley, Tennessee, and Missouri. In showing how both sides during Price's Raid used self-serving fictions to provide a rationale for their politically motivated brutality and were unwilling to risk defeat, Lause reveals the underlying nature of the American Civil War as a modern war.

Punitive War
Punitive War Confederate Guerrillas and Union Reprisals By Mountcastle, Clay, 1972- (Book - 2009 ) 973.73 MOU Available in some locations

Annotation:Clay Mountcastle presents a new look at the complex nature of guerrilla warfare in the Civil War and the Union Armys calculated response to it. He examines guerrilla attacks and federal responses in a number of operational theaters to illustrate how the problem grew throughout the South and ultimately convinced the Union to adopt retaliatory measures that challenged the sensibilities of even the most hardened soldiers. In revealing the impact that Confederate guerrilla activity had on the Unions prosecution of the war, Mountcastle reveals how the character of the war was shaped every bit as much by the troops on the ground as by their Union leader.

Quantrill and the Border Wars
Quantrill and the Border Wars By Connelley, William Elsey, 1855-1930. (Book - 1996 ) All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:The story of the leader of the most savage fighting unit in the Civil War. Quantrill, outside of the heads of government, was the most widely known man connected with the Civil War. This is not designed to be a biography of Quantrill, but an account of those incidents of the Border Wars in which he and his men were leading characters.

Sterling Price; Portrait of A Southerner
Sterling Price; Portrait of A Southerner By Shalhope, Robert E., 1941- (Book - 1971 ) B PRI Available in some locations

Annotation:The author explores his role as a major player in Missouri’s civil war battles, but also takes a closer look at Sterling as a man, commander, and Missouri legend.

"This Terrible Struggle for Life"
"This Terrible Struggle for Life" The Civil War Letters of A Union Regimental Surgeon By Hawley, Thomas S., 1837-1918. (Paperback - 2012 ) 973.775 HAW Available in some locations

Annotation:This books offers a rare insight into the history of the Civil War in the western theatre through the eyes of a regimental surgeon. Notable among the letters is his record of the early Civil War in Missouri, the Vicksburg Campaign, the Battle of Tupelo and the Battle of Nashville.

Troubled State
Troubled State Civil War Journals of Franklin Archibald Dick By Dick, F. A. (Book - 2008 ) 973.7478 DIC Available in some locations

Annotation:Buried for years in family files, this important firsthand Civil War account of Franklin Dick's experiences as Missouri assistant adjunct general and provost marshal general gives a new view of politics, power, and divided loyalties in the state of Missouri.

Wilson's Creek
Wilson's Creek The Second Battle of the Civil War and the Men Who Fought It By Piston, William Garrett (Paperback - 2000 ) 973.731 PIS Available in some locations

Annotation:Wilson’s Creek provides in-depth narrative and analysis of the battle with an innovative social analysis of the soldiers who participated and the communities that supported them. In particular, they highlight the importance of the soldiers' sense of corporate honor-the desire to uphold the reputation of their hometowns-as a powerful motivator for enlistment, a source of sustenance during the campaign, and a lens through which soldiers evaluated their performance in battle


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