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Me, the Missing, and the Dead
Me, the Missing, and the Dead By Valentine, Jenny (Book - 2008 )

Annotation:When a series of chance events leaves him in possession of an urn with ashes, sixteen-year-old Londoner, Lucas Swain, becomes convinced that its occupant, Violet Park, is communicating with him, initiating a voyage of self-discovery that forces him to finally confront the events surrounding his father's sudden disappearance.

First Shot
First Shot By Sorrells, Walter (Book - 2009 ) All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:As David enters his senior year of high school, a family secret emerges that could solve the mystery of why his mother was murdered two years ago.

Waves By Dogar, Sharon (Book - 2007 ) YA DOG Available in some locations

Annotation:Hal feels eerily connected to his comatose older sister as she hovers between life and death in a hospital. Hal believes his sister is trying to communicate with him as he tries to solve the mystery of her accident.

The Explosionist
The Explosionist By Davidson, Jenny (Book - 2008 ) YA DAV Available in some locations

Annotation:In Scotland in the 1930s, fifteen-year-old Sophie, her friend Mikael, and her great-aunt Tabitha are caught up in a murder mystery involving terrorists and suicide-bombers whose plans have world-shaping consequences.

Dani Noir
Dani Noir By Suma, Nova Ren (Book - 2009 )

Annotation:Imaginative thirteen-year-old Dani feels trapped in her small mountain town with only film noir at the local art theater and her depressed mother for company, but while trying to solve a real mystery she learns much about herself and life.

The Back Door of Midnight
The Back Door of Midnight By Chandler, Elizabeth, 1954- (Paperback - 2010 ) YA CHA Available in some locations

Annotation:Responding to a letter from her uncle, Anna returns to Wisteria only to find that his body has been found in the trunk of a burned-out car. Her aunt seems psychotic, and, although Anna's first impulse is to leave at once, she becomes drawn into the mystery, along with her neighbor Zack.

Trash By Mulligan, Andy (Book - 2010 ) YA MUL Available in some locations

Annotation:Fourteen-year-olds Raphael and Gardo team up with a younger boy, Rat, to figure out the mysteries surrounding a bag Raphael finds during their daily life of sorting through trash in a third-world country's dump.

King Dork
King Dork By Portman, Frank (Book - 2006 ) YA POR Available in some locations

Annotation:High school loser Tom Henderson discovers that "The Catcher in the Rye" may hold the clues to the many mysteries in his life.

Shadowed Summer
Shadowed Summer By Mitchell, Saundra (Book - 2009 )

Annotation:In the small town of Ondine, Louisiana, fourteen-year-old Iris uncovers family secrets when she conjures up the ghost of a boy missing for decades and decides to solve the mystery of his disappearance.

The Madman of Venice
The Madman of Venice By Masson, Sophie, 1959- (Book - 2009 ) YA MAS Available in some locations

Annotation:Prosperous merchant Master Ashby travels with his daughter, his clerk, and his sister from London to Venice to investigate pirate attacks, and, once he arrives, he also agrees to look into the disappearance of a Jewish girl who has vanishedfrom the Venetian Ghetto, uncovering link between the two cases and finding his life in danger.

The Road of the Dead
The Road of the Dead By Brooks, Kevin (Book - 2006 ) YA BRO Available in some locations

Annotation:Two brothers, sons of an incarcerated gypsy, leave London traveling to an isolated and desolate village, in search of the brutal killer of their sister.

Peeled By Bauer, Joan, 1951- (Book - 2008 ) YA BAU All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:In an upstate New York farming community, high school reporter Hildy Biddle investigates a series of strange occurrences at a house rumored to be haunted.

Shift By Bradbury, Jennifer (Book - 2008 ) YA BRA Available in some locations

Annotation:When best friends Chris and Win go on a cross country bicycle trek the summer after graduating and only one returns, the FBI wants to know what happened.

Deadly Little Secret
Deadly Little Secret A Touch Novel By Stolarz, Laurie Faria, 1972- (Book - 2008 ) YA STO All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:When someone starts stalking high school junior Camelia, everyone at school assumes that it is Ben, who is new at school and rumored to have killed his previous girlfriend, but Camelia is nevertheless inexplicably drawn to him.

Found By Haddix, Margaret Peterson (Book - 2008 ) J HAD Available in some locations

Annotation:When thirteen-year-olds Jonah and Chip, who are both adopted, learn they were discovered on a plane that appeared out of nowhere, full of babies with no adults on board, they realize that they have uncovered a mystery involving time travel and two opposing forces, each trying to repair the fabric of time.

Kiss Me Kill Me
Kiss Me Kill Me By Henderson, Lauren, 1966- (Book - 2008 ) YA HEN Available in some locations

Annotation:Longing to be part of the in-crowd at her exclusive London school, orphaned, sixteen-year-old Scarlett, a trained gymnast, eagerly accepts an invitation to a party whose disastrous outcome changes her life forever.

All Unquiet Things
All Unquiet Things By Jarzab, Anna (Book - 2010 ) YA JAR Available in some locations

Annotation:After the death of his ex-girlfriend Carly, northern California high school student Neily joins forces with Carly's cousin Audrey to try to solve her murder.

The Door of No Return
The Door of No Return By Mussi, Sarah (Book - 2008 )

Annotation:Sixteen-year-old Zac never believed his grandfather's tales about their enslaved ancestors being descended from an African king, but when his grandfather is murdered and the villains come after Zac, he sets out for Ghana to find King Baktu's long-lost treasure before the murderers do.

The Musician's Daughter
The Musician's Daughter By Dunlap, Susanne Emily (Paperback - 2009 ) YA DUN Available in some locations

Annotation:Amid the glamour of Prince Nicholas Esterhazy's court in 18th-century Vienna, murder is afoot. Or so fifteen-year-old Theresa Maria is convinced when her musician father turns up dead on Christmas Eve, his valuable violin missing, and the only clue to his death a strange gold pendant around his neck.

Cover-up By Feinstein, John (Book - 2007 ) YA FEI Available in some locations

Annotation:Fledgling fourteen-year-old sports reporters Susan Carol and Stevie investigate suspicious activities at the Super Bowl after Stevie gets fired from his co-anchor job on a ground-breaking teen sports show.

Patrick Carman's Skeleton Creek
Patrick Carman's Skeleton Creek By Carman, Patrick (Book - 2009 ) J CAR Available in some locations

Annotation:Although housebound following an eerie accident, teenaged Ryan continues to investigate the strange occurences in his hometown of Skeleton Creek, recording his findings in a journal and viewing email video clips sent by fellow detective Sarah. The reader may view Sarah's videos on a website by using links and passwords found in the text.

The Christopher Killer
The Christopher Killer A Forensic Mystery By Ferguson, Alane (Paperback - 2006 ) YA FER Available in some locations

Annotation:On the payroll as an assistant to her coroner father, seventeen-year-old Cameryn Mahoney uses her knowledge of forensic medicine to catch the killer of a friend while putting herself in terrible danger.

A Spy in the House
A Spy in the House By Lee, Y. S., 1974- (Book - 2010 ) YA LEE Available in some locations

Annotation:Rescued from the gallows in 1850s London, young orphan and thief Mary Quinn is offered a place at Miss Scrimshaw's Academy for Girls where she is trained to be part of an all-female investigative unit called The Agency and, at age seventeen, she infiltrates a rich merchant's home in hopes of tracing his missing cargo ships.

The Less-dead
The Less-dead By Lurie, April (Book - 2010 ) YA LUR Available in some locations

Annotation:Sixteen-year-old Noah Nordstrom, whose father is the host of a popular evangelical Christian radio program, believes that the person who has been killing gay teenagers in the Austin, Texas, foster care system, is a regular caller on his dad's show.

The Boxer and the Spy
The Boxer and the Spy By Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010. (Book - 2008 ) YA PAR Available in some locations

Annotation:Fifteen-year-old Terry, an aspiring boxer, uncovers the mystery behind the unexpected death of a classmate.

Blackthorn Winter
Blackthorn Winter By Reiss, Kathryn (Book - 2006 )

Annotation:An idyllic seaside artists' colony in England is the scene of murder, and fifteen-year-old American-born Juliana Martin-Drake attempts to solve the crime while unraveling the mystery of her own past.

The Mystery of the Third Lucretia
The Mystery of the Third Lucretia By Runholt, Susan (Book - 2008 )

Annotation:While traveling in London, Paris, and Amsterdam, fourteen-year-old best friends Kari and Lucas solve an international art forgery mystery.

The Lying Game
The Lying Game By Shepard, Sara, 1977- (Book - 2010 ) YA SHE Available in some locations

Annotation:Seventeen-year-old Emma Paxton steps into the life of her long-lost twin Sutton to solve her murder, while Sutton looks on from her afterlife.

Fake ID
Fake ID By Sorrells, Walter (Book - 2007 ) YA SOR Available in some locations

Annotation:After a lifetime of moving and assuming new identities, sixteen-year-old Chass begins to piece together the disturbing past that haunts her and her mother and which involves a mysterious tape, a deceased popular singer, and the secrets of several people in a small Alabama town.

You've Got Blackmail
You've Got Blackmail By Wright, Rachel, 1961- (Book - 2009 ) YA WRI Available in some locations

Annotation:When she discovers that her loathsome English teacher is being threatened by an unknown blackmailer, Loz gets caught up in the mystery, with consequences both comical and truly dangerous.

Scat By Hiaasen, Carl (Book - 2009 ) YA HIA Available in some locations

Annotation:Nick’s class goes on a field trip to the Florida Everglades, but when there is a fire and his teacher disappears, he discovers dastardly villains who have a scheme to make money at the expense of the environment in this ecological mystery.

The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin
The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin By Berk, Josh (Book - 2010 )

Annotation:Will Halpin leaves his school for the deaf to attend a mainstream high school. He and new friend Devon Smiley team up for some detective work. Will’s computer skills, his ability to read lips, and his need to uncover a truth lead him on a dangerous hunt for a killer.

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