Christy Award

A group of books awards presented annually in the U.S. to recognize novels of excellence written from a Christian worldview.

15 items

Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
Hidden Current Paperback - 2020 Enclave F HIN
Shivering World Book
The Man He Never Was Paperback - 2018 Thomas Nelson F RUB
The Long Journey to Jake Palmer eBook - 2016
The Five Times I Met Myself eBook - 2015
Once Beyond a Time Book
Dragonwitch Paperback - 2013 Bethany House Publishers F STE
Soul's Gate Paperback - 2012 Thomas Nelson F RUB
Veiled Rose Paperback - 2011 Bethany House Pub. F STE
To Darkness Fled Book
By Darkness Hid Book
Vanish Paperback - 2008 Tyndale House Pub. F PAW
Scarlet Book - 2007 Thomas Nelson F LAW
Shadow Over Kiriath Book
The Shadow Within Book
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