The Power of Six

The Power of Six

eBook - 2011
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Feb 24, 2019

This was a great sequel to the first book, 'I Am Number Four'. I really liked how it went back and fourth between the perspectives of Number Seven in Spain, and then John, Six & Sam back in America. The development of the characters and the action really made you turn each page, wanting to find out more. The secrets that unfolded were mind-blowing and cool.
I am a sucker for romance, so I couldn't help but smile at the flirting scenarios between John and Six <3. I get that he still loves Sarah, but a strong woman with powers like Six is more John's type (in my opinion). Not to mention (again) I love anything that has to do with powers like this.
I really like how all the garde are beginning to all come together; looking forward to seeing how they all fight as one. I'm also itching to find out more about numbers five and eight.

Aug 11, 2018

This is a great continuation from I am Number Four!
As the title suggest, this book focuses more on Six's background and development. And oh boy, it's great! Girl power! She's such a great character. She changes the way Four thinks about Lorien's and love. Not only that, but further character development for Six, Four and Sam.
This book is not only a great follow up from the first book, but sets the story towards finding the others, and self exploration of themselves and their abilities.
By the end of the book, you will seriously be looking for the next one.

Jun 25, 2018

This is an amazing adventurous book which includes many characters. This is one of the best books I have read so far, and I love how it includes different perspectives of different people. I really believe four is an amazing hero to human kind and I don’t know how he’s kept himself alive.

Mar 10, 2018

If you don't like the reader, then why'd you read the series?
Please keep your thoughts to yourself if you're just here to say bad things

Oct 04, 2017

When I think of what goes into making a good book, I think of eloquence, character detail and clarity. I can say without a doubt that this book had all of that covered, and more. The following book after I Number Four in the book series The Lorien Legacies, The Power of Six shines the spotlight on Six. Six is one of the 9 Garde that remain on Earth, and she is undoubtedly one of my favourite characters in the entire series. She blunt, strong, disciplined and is exactly the type of character this series needed to keep the members of the Garde, unique and diverse. Her legacies really shine when given the opportunity whenever she is encountered by Mogadorians, and it shows just how ruthless she really is. The book also does a great job at showing the development of the rest of the Garde's legacies, and with over 70 different possible legacies to develop it keeps you wondering and exploring the different possibilities and outcomes the book could have. In addition to not only the development of their legacies, we're also shown the relationships they share with their fellow Garde, and it paints a realistic picture of how you'd act if you were "stuck" with somebody you've never even met in your life. I love that, because it brings out practical scenarios giving the book more to it, then just aliens on the run. @ShepReads of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

The Power of Six was definitely an improvement over the original I am Number Four book. It develops new characters introduced in this book well, while still improving on returning characters. This in turn, makes the story better as the characters are well enough developed that you care what happens to them. It uses a lot less cliches, even taking one of these cliches and turning it into a great plot point in the book. While this book was a huge step up from the first it has it’s own problems, such as it being very confusing to figure out which of the two narrators the book is using as there is only a small difference in the text used for the two. Another problem is that due to the dual narration it can be confusing if you don’t realize that the book has switched narrators, which as the change is not noticeable can be often. Overall this book is an improvement over the first, but still was a mediocre book as half the book just wasn’t that interesting. This was due to the dual narrators as one narrator was engaging, while the other wasn’t that great.
- @TheBookieMonster of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Dec 14, 2015

This book was great. I can't believe Hector can't be with us. Or how Crayton is with Ella. And also how the mogadorien killed Adelina. It feels like all the cepan will die;

Aug 14, 2015

The third (The Rise of Nine), fourth (The Fall of Five), and fifth (The Revenge of Seven)book are actually already out. The sixth book, called The Fate of Ten is coming out September 1st, 2015.

Aug 10, 2015

Awesome book! I didnt really enjoy the first book, but loved this one!

Bijoy Arora
Jun 05, 2015

The Power of Six is an interesting book. I enjoyed the different genres introduced to the story which makes it an interesting read. I also enjoy the characters the author introduces throughout the story and how well developed each character is. One of the things I would change about the book is the narration. Reason being, throughout the book it switches between characters very frequently. The stories of the two narrators get extremely confusing to the point I thought of putting the book down. There was one narration that was clear and interesting while the other felt boring and I sometimes felt like skipping that narration. I thought the narration of Number Four, Number Six, and Sam was the better narration by far. I also found that the ending, like the previous book, “I am Number Four,” was very rushed and did not seem natural at all. It got me confused in a way and ruined the book for me. I would give this book 2 out of 5 stars.
The book, “The Power of Six”, introduces Number Seven as a narrator in addition to Number Four, Number Six, and Sam. It is a story about their search for the remaining members of the Loric Garde. As for Number Seven, her side of the story shows her life at an orphanage in Spain. The book also introduces Ella, a young Garde girl who escapes Lorien too. But her escape does not coincide with the others, namely Crayton her Cêpan and Number Nine. Read the book and find out more about their adventures.

May 29, 2015


Feb 13, 2015

this book is amazing she is awesomer than 10 james bonds

Dec 13, 2014

Highly recommend to read The Lost Files -- Six's Legacies, Nine's Legacies, and Last Days of Lorien!

qwertyuiop12 May 10, 2014

I hate this series this guy is a terrible writer.

scotty_hanson May 09, 2014

I have read the first, second, third and fourth. I love them all!! I cant wait for the fifth book to come out : The Revenge Of Seven.! Its coming out August 26, THIS YEAR! for those fans of the series, i suggest you look into it!!!

Jan 25, 2014

I read the first book a few years ago, and I enjoyed it very much. A few days ago, I picked up the second book and have read it and the third within that time. Currently waiting for the fourth book. I enjoyed this series and reccomend it to those who enjoy sci-fi.

Jan 18, 2014

Very good book I couldn't put it down for a minuite.

black_cobra_252 Aug 27, 2013

This book was amazing and superb as the first book in its series. It is full of suspense and thrills. A whole lot of action and adventure as a bonus. I strongly recommend this book to science fiction readers.

Aug 14, 2013

Following the great battle of the novel I am Number Four, the Power of Six takes place in a hotel far from Paradise, Ohio where the Garde members Four and now Six are resting and healing, with their close friend Sam. In this novel, the action has become greater than it has ever been as the team begins working on assembling themselves and growing stronger than ever. Following the plentiful attacks on the Loriens, they are still surviving and trying to find each other. In the meantime, Marina a Garde that has taken refuge in a Catholic Church in Spain, is having trouble developing her legacies and getting further training. Her Cepan, Adelina is refusing to train Marina as she finds no use in acknowledging the fairy tale that is Lorien. Towards the end of the novel, Six leaves Four and Sam to reunite with Marina, in what becomes the next great battle for Lorien on earth. There many secrets are revealed and Four also finds himself in more trouble than he can handle as his visions of Setrakus Ra become much more dangerous, and Sam gets left behind in the Mog’s camp looking for his dad.
This novel was written to keep the reader tied into the novel and ties in right after the book I am Number Four and is just before the following book the Rise of Nine. Read to find the true story behind these foreigners and their journey in our home.

Aug 08, 2013

I enjoyed this book very much, while the main character 'four' still bothered me with some of his decisions the other characters (Sam, Six, Seven, Ella) made up for it. Through the descriptions one is able to really 'see' the Mogs and their animals, again I could not wait to read the next and have it in my hand now!

Jul 16, 2013

Still really good! Not disappointed, and I love the new characters, I can't wait to meet more numbers and find out their powers. I love how John's love story develops in surprising ways. I can't wait to read the next one!

Wow I just finished reading this, I literally could not stop reading it! The only thing that I didn't like was how little John knew compared to six. It was the same thing with Marina. But, I am not the writer of the book, therefore, I shouldn't be criticizing his choices. Overall, it was a fabulous book!

Apr 11, 2013

Super good. I love this series! Oh, by the way Pittacus Lore's real name is James Christopher Frey!

Apr 09, 2013

Still an addicting story that is well filled in and realistic to the age and understanding of the main characters. The growth and change in the individuals is great. Look forward to the next one.

Mar 19, 2013


m0nkey Jan 26, 2013

BEST BOOK I'VE EVER READ!! but it can be a bit confusing how the author is switching characters by fonts... you will get used to it. Overall I really recommend this book its so EXCITING and each chapter ends with a cliff hanger making you only want MORE!

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