Last Days in Vietnam

Last Days in Vietnam

DVD - 2015
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Feb 19, 2019

Having spent a few of my Wonder Years in Federal prison for my refusal to murder even MORE poor people makes me still pissed off in a major manor!! Those War Criminals who controlled this megamurder are still all around us...don't think that they aren't !! And as usual, the gentle, idealistic many who protested and those who suffered in silence are STILL to this day looked at from a skewed viewpoint where Might Makes Right !! Criminals like Kissinger continue to posture and remain unapologetic . Yeah, i know, Life's not Fair. Where are the lessons we should have learned ?? Millions of poor people murdered by other poor people brainwashed into thinking about well, we gotta protect our Democracy, or worry about the Farm or our crappy jobs ad infinatum .... All bullshit !!! MILLIONS. Cally was one of many Criminals hiding behind that flag. and not a day in jail ! How can kids learn??? I have not mellowed for even a seconds' respite...all i have to see is visions of children w/skin falling from their bodies. or the children isolated on some bed from the poisons we left behind !! AND ya know what ?? These same robots are in charge and dropping or planting more genetic damage into our mother, the Earth !!! I always hoped that i might live long enough to see even a small glimpse of rebellion or revolution in the next generation or the next or the next .....Come on kids!!! Let's go!!! You don't have to agree with the zealots around the World today to admire their forceful ways!! Bloody, sure. and Radical, yup. But they are not gonna be anyone that you recognize because they possess BRAVERY. Please, get out of your house, stop reading lightweight crap, have an opinion and FIGHT for it !! In the last 25 years we have made huge retreats BACK into the shadows ...mostly to Hide !! Man, get an opinion a fight for it !! It's been War against poor people for Centuries and you are on the losing side !!!!!Make little OpEd pieces and post them everywhere....melt into the crowd ! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT !! It feels great to share your middle finger with those who are waiting to receive it and give 'em another one !!! I love you!! I have been a fighting disrupter for 40 years and sometimes feel so alone but never w/o waving my black or red flags !!! You are not alone !! i love you and now we are 2 !!-rob-

Jan 21, 2019

It showed how the American military evacuated south Vietnamese by water and air. It's part of our history that we shouldn't forget. The lack of time, ships & planes and the number of people to be evacuated was clear. The tenseness, stress and uncertainty wasn't clearly shown. My step brother was there and told us about the riots and fighting amongst the Vietnamese to get into the American embassy, which would have shown their fear. Information of the north Vietnamese dictatorship and cruelty should definitely have been included.

This can be watched by everyone but young children.

Oct 31, 2018

I like most parts of these PBS films in the American Experience lineup, but they most always have a political undertone at some point. I love the great footage and commentary but please keep the politics for other PBS programs.

Oct 17, 2018

Shows US personnel heroically rescuing Vietnamese collaborators before Northern army overran Saigon, with desperate helicopter flights from roof of embassy. Ignores background of these events. Several interviews with US side, but none with Communists. (See 18-hour Ken Burns set for full account.)
--- We sneered at the French for failing to hold Vietnam against the will of the people. The French saw the ultimate futility, and made an orderly, unhurried withdrawal.
--- A conference of several nations at Geneva divided Vietnam temporarily till a nationwide election could be held, which the anti-colonialist Communist leader, a national hero, was expected to win. We refused to agree, and declared South Vietnam a separate country under our protection. The Communists thereupon sought to reunify the country by force.
--- Our leaders contrived the phony Tonkin Incident as an excuse for massive intervention. They said that Communists would seize India, Japan, and invade Calif if we lost Vietnam. Over the succeeding years, we exterminated 2,000,000 Vietnamese (raping many), bombed and burned the country to ruins, and deluged it with poisons.
--- This destruction proved useless. At length we began to see reality as the French had much earlier. We entered extended negotiations with the Communists in Paris, where both sides felt comfortable. An agreement was eventually reached, but neither side fulfilled it. We were supposed to pay $3.25 billion in reparations, but never did.
--- South Vietnam was not a viable state, but a cardhouse of corruption, vice and war-profiteering. Without the support of US bombing, it soon collapsed.
--- We were finally driven out completely, defeated and demoralized. Unlike the French, we fled in extreme disorder as shown in the film.
--- Communists did not seize India and Japan, nor invade Calif. Our leaders who said they would were never punished for these lies. Why were they ever believed? Because Americans assumed their own unique virtue and right to trample others. Our country was built through seizures of land and removal of the natives; we had long asserted control over Latin America (Monroe Doctrine), and had nuked Japan, etc. Bombing Vietnam seemed normal and reasonable. Americans were slow to change their thinking, and the change did not last.
--- The film seems to blame Congress for not prolonging the disaster further.
--- Vietnam was left ravaged and poisoned with birth-defect-causing chemicals. Millions of unexploded US cluster bombs continue to kill Laotian farmers.
--- The Vietnam fiasco did not end US aggression. In subsequent years, we fraudulently invaded Panama and bombed Serbia. 9/11 gave the excuse to wreck several Muslim countries, causing another million deaths. We currently support the destruction of Syria to please Israel, and the Saudi destruction of Yemen. Netanyahu has long demanded we bomb Iran. We will likely go on launching lawless wars till nuclear annihilation results.

Sep 28, 2017

Spent two years there; still trying to sort it out; know one thing: the American public--the cowardly scum who reviled us when we returned--all hopefully will die ugly painful deaths. The best of America went to Vietnam and about a third of those saw combat; some of us all day every day. Just happened across this incredibly well-done film of the last days. I finally published my book, To Cratisto, in 2008. There are so many lies about the Vietnam War still being put out--like the pos the lying liberal scum Ken Burns is trying to make money on--which I won't bother to watch. Watch this film and you will understand why those of us who served feel that we betrayed the South Vietnamese: just like the American people betrayed us--and have never had the decency to apologize.

LPL_DanC Apr 27, 2016

An amazing documentary about the fall of Saigon every American should watch, this movie makes a great video companion piece to Viet Thanh Nguyen's novel The Sympathizer, which won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. The initial chapters of The Sympathizer cover the exact time period and events depicted in archival footage and described in the interviews with eyewitnesses featured in Rory Kennedy's (a daughter of RFK's) film. It will haunt you.

Mar 01, 2016

Insightful documentary - worth watching and understanding

Feb 28, 2016

A treasury of film from the
"Last Days of Vietnam". Great camera work under the most difficult situations. These reports are the work of dedicated newsmen, who film the last flights out of Saigon. It is an amazing story.

Nov 10, 2015

Very well done documentary. I feel for the Vietnamese who were at the US embassy but could not get onto the helicopters.

Sep 26, 2015

This documentary gave me a clearer - probably the clearest - explanation as to why Viet Nam remains a sore spot for both the Vietnamese and the US to this day. It is incredibly sad how these events which happened forty years ago are actually being replayed again today before our very eyes.

C20T11 Aug 26, 2015

Terrific Documentary.!

real_thing Aug 13, 2015

its deep.survival of the fittest.
as real as real gets!!!!!!!!

Aug 02, 2015

Tragic end to the American experience in Vietnam portrayed. End of film where woman is walking around Saigon with a red handkerchief around her neck and a pistol in her hand looking for someone to execute was a sign of what was happening in the fallen capital.

Jun 16, 2015

Produced for the "American Experience," this fascinating and heartbreaking documentary focuses on the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, specifically the evacuation of Saigon and the many South Vietnamese attempting to flee as the North approached. It mixes interviews with vets and Vietnamese with archival footage, some of which is extraordinary (a Vietnamese helicopter pilot who dropped his family off on a U.S. ship, then crash landed in the ocean, and bailed out). Producer/director Rory Kennedy (daughter of Robert) avoids voice overs or taking a political position, but rather focuses on the stories of the individuals and the massive refuge crisis that our withdrawal created. This is the most moving aspect of the film and really brings home the human cost of the war. This set included the theatrical version and an extended cut. Nominated for an Oscar.

May 10, 2015

Watched the extended version ... 40th anniversary on the fall of Saigon, a chronicle on the evacuation of all US personnel, at risk S. Vietnamese and desperate refugees in the final week of April 1975, with interviews of participants of the exodus, news reels and military archives. (The 130k evacuees pales in comparison -- in size and hardship -- to the estimated 800k refugees, who fled in boats and ships, between 1978 and 1979 to camps in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong.)

May 09, 2015

I watched this and wondered where the tens of thousands of Vietnamese evacuees went after they left Vietnam. And I thought of all those left behind to face reprisals, . . and how plans can fail in the face of reality.

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