Seventh Son

Seventh Son

DVD - 2015
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Oct 14, 2018

The cast of this movie is good. I like Ben Barnes, Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges. But the story is meh and the visual effects stink. A pass the time kind of movie.

Dec 13, 2017

Vague direction in what they’re looking for and why. I guess I didn’t really care that much. Chains, fires, medieval sorcery, skeletons, groans, roaring. Whatever. Seemed Disney-esque to me. I think they make these kinds of films because they’re easy, and they want to remind us that Julianna Moore is still trying to make films, as is Jeff Bridges and his weird, mumbly, cotton filled mouth. At the same time the studios are trotting out 2 newbie’s, Ben Barnes and Alicia Vikander to see the audience reactions and if they should make them BIG stars.

Mar 09, 2017

Major cheese! Dingdong theatrics. Amateurish writing.
Or perhaps it's all tainted by Jeff Bridges' mumbly mouth performance.
I'm sorry if he has a health problem or some kind of dental issue, but it doesn't change the fact that his sputtering like Marlon Brando in The Godfather makes his character seem like a clown instead of the wise eccentric master he's trying to portray.
The one saving grace is the excellent graphics.

Sep 24, 2016

My sense of fantasy and adventure were misdirected by this one. Jeff Bridges is not the actor to play the main character. He just comes off as brash rather than on some kind of mission. And his speech is garbled to the point it is hard to decipher what he is saying. It was interesting to note that Alicia Virkander is in the film. I did not finish watching it.

Aug 30, 2016

Rated 6/10.

ArapahoeMeganS Aug 08, 2016

I honestly couldn't get through the first 30 minutes before I started to lose interest and ultimately turn it off. I was really looking forward to watching this movie but sadly I just couldn't do it.

May 16, 2016

Sadly this movie could have given the original book series "Spook's Apprentice written by Joseph Delaney" much better justice. I found it very strange that they used all of the characters names from the book and alot of the concepts but completely butchered the storylines and character development. Instead it was like watching randomly flip from one section to another section of the series without concern for plot or thought coherence.
I have no idea why Joseph Delaney would allow his content to be used this way.
I would strongly recommend young readers to read the series instead of trying to watch this hack job of a movie.

Feb 22, 2016

Basically no plot, the story is as primitive as plots of some kindergarteners' books. But the special effects were impressive, I wouldn't recommend this movie for children though it was rated PG. I watched this movie and gave it 3 stars only because of the special effects. Don't forget to watch the bonus features - they are more interesting than the actual movie.

Feb 18, 2016

It's true that the plot in this action/fantasy was predictable, and the acting was wooden, perhaps likely to be blamed on the director. My rating is primarily based on Jeff Bridges' role, 'Spook', and his delivery of such. I thought he was perfect for the character and carried it off flawlessly.

Dec 31, 2015

Witches and dragons oh my. Big fan of the genre. This film must have had a big budget because all the CGI special effects seem to grab the attention away from the actors.
Movie was decent but Julianne Moore made an excellent evil witch.

Dec 12, 2015

It seems like a movie like this is pumped out once a week by Hollywood and 95% of them are bad. This is one of the bad ones. Jeff Bridges is a good actor; what is he doing in this movie? The witches were boring, except for Kandyse McClure, who's in it for 45 seconds. She seemed interesting, but nothing else about this movie is original, fun, or the least bit entertaining.

Nov 30, 2015

It just didn't work despite having good actors and special effects. Children might like it.

Nov 18, 2015

This isn't the worst movie I've ever seen, I at least could finish it, but it was not worth the wait it took to get it. It's disappointing, has poor attempts a humor scattered through out and I honestly didn't care what happened to any of the characters. It's surprising because the actors are all great actors but the final product was a total bust.

Nov 14, 2015

Profoundly mediocre

Sep 10, 2015

The story was ok, kinda predictable. The veteran actors (Bridges/Moore) were great. I don't understand why they didn't cast Kit Harington as the lead. I didn't care much for the casted lead. The S/FX were great though.

7duffy Aug 27, 2015

Good special effects. Nothing new story-wise. Julianne Moore was a good villainess. Jeff Bridges needed to lose the over-the-top pronunciations (accent ?). Entertaining enough to kill a couple of hours, if needed. Not worth a long wait at the library.

Aug 17, 2015

great computer graphics. should be watched in an IMax theater. geared for gamers but entertaining somewhat.

Aug 17, 2015

The story with super animation and cinematography is easy to follow and the actions are great, thoroughly entertaining. It was so good that I watched all the bonus materials. (Love the international cast of witches: African Sarikin, Amazonian warlock Strix, Indian warlock Virahadra, Siberian warlock Urag ... ). Last, spectacular location shots of Horsethief Canyon and Kananaskis of Alberta Canada.

kevfarley Aug 03, 2015

Perhaps the reviews here primed me with moderate expectations,.. but I like fantasy adventure films, and there were many well-done CGI effects.

True, the young folks' romance had zero chemistry ! ...and the Bridges/Moore personal connection/conflict was only slightly developed.
But the action hero one-liners were pithy, and the non-cliché plot developments kept me entertained

This film could be the case of a 'European' director and production crew with a good 'action formula' background,.. but with a 'tin ear' for the performances they were hearing in English-as-a-second-language (!?).

(10-3-15: 1)

Vilka Jul 25, 2015

Special-effects extravaganza with next to no world-building, weak (as in no) character development, one very awkward false accent, and a very thin, very clichéd plot. Surprised they spent all that special effects money (not to mention the cost of two well-known actors) on such a feeble effort.

Jul 21, 2015

Fantasy fun, but forgettable. Several A- listers in the film, but just didn't connect. Unfortunately "Lords" appears to be the standard comparison.

Jul 16, 2015

Laughably bad. What a terrible movie, I wonder how it even got to theaters.

Jul 14, 2015

Starring Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore. Bridges plays a 'spook' aka Witch Hunter and Moore is a very powerful witch. After being locked up for years, she breaks free and he, along with his apprentice, must take her on.

Jul 01, 2015

It was not as bad as I had feared. If you like fantasy movies you probably won't hate it. The story is a bit cheesy, and most of the bad guys lack development, but at least they are fun to watch (I like the guy with six arms the most). It is definitely not Lord of the Rings though. I thought the acting was better than most second tier fantasy movies, and Jeff Bridges.

Jun 25, 2015

For a fantasy film this one is a disaster, despite the presence of two veteran actors. Jeff Bridges' attempt to speak like Ray Winstone is horrible. Skip it unless you are desperate for some so-so CGI.

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