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The story is about four women who do not share anything in common apart from the debts their dead husbands left behind. They all take fate into their own hands concerning all the criminal activities their husbands were involved in. The four women become close friends and find a way that will give them a secure and a conducive environment. They end up working together and conspires to collaborate a future on their rapports to avoid being involved in the crimes committed by their husbands.


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CMLibrary_gjd_0 Mar 18, 2019

This movie certainly was not what I expected! I guess I thought this would be like Ocean's 8; it's NOT! This movie is way darker and all together harsher.

Honestly, I can't decide rather I enjoyed it or not. I do know that I wouldn't mess with Viola Davis any day, even when she appears mild and meek (as in the beginning of this film). Not a total waste of time but....you decide how you feel after viewing.

Mar 14, 2019

Crazy good!

Mar 05, 2019

it's Okaaaayyyy, but seriously could have been better.

Mar 03, 2019

What a waste of the talent of Viola Davis... Too violent and too much foul language for my taste. Cannot recommend. Kristi & Abby Tabby

Mar 02, 2019

Thank GOD I went to IMDB and checked the parents' advisory before checking this out.
If you want extreme violence, excessive filthy language, mixed with sex, this is for you.
Not for family viewing, or for anyone that I know.

JCLIanH Feb 25, 2019

An excellent movie that would have been even better had it received from the HBO six-part miniseries treatment. Either way, it's a stylish film with a lot to say, which is effectively the MO of director Steve McQueen who has yet to turn in a film anything less than excellent. Viola Davis is out of this world great and it's mind boggling that she wasn't in the Best Actress conversation for 2018.

Feb 21, 2019

Liam Neeson has made one bad movie after another and this is no exception. Stayed with it for ten minutes or so.

Feb 18, 2019

very dissapointing movie with too much unnecessary bad language and numerous plot holes where participant's actions just didn't make sense as they were unexplained!

Feb 17, 2019

This is one of the first movies I've watched, at home, that half-way through the movie I was hoping the movie would be longer than it's time because I was enjoying it that much. Normally I have this feeling in the actual cinema if I'm looking at a nice 3D movie, but usually not at home. This is 10 times better than Ocean's 8 but along the same lines as a movie as a all female cast heist.

For Christians viewers: The only issue I have is the language kills the movie. Too many f-bombs, blasphemies and f-bombs interlaced with blasphemy, plus some cruel depictions of violence within the movie itself, made it unpalatable for a re-watch.

Feb 15, 2019

Bad writing. Girl gang leader to her gang: "we have to act like men. . . . we have to be ourselves." The only way a woman is going to front a mainstream action film is if she impersonates a man. Unless its directed by ava duvernay.

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Feb 15, 2019

Some quotes in IMDb. These are focused on Chicago politics:

Most people don't know what an alderman does... including a fair number of aldermen. It comes from the Old English, meaning "older man." When I was a younger man, Facebook... Back then, a face was something you tried never to forget.
The Mulligans have run the 18th ward for 60 years. My grandfather, my father. These days it's all about name recognition.
Nepotism isn't illegal. It's actually celebrated. This is Chicago.
You know how many shootings happened in this city last weekend alone?
Thirty-four! These people are killing each other! This is not where I wanna raise my children.
What are you gonna do? Work in a bank? Take the train downtown, punch a clock? This is your life! This is our life. It's what we do. Everyone has a fxcking sob story, most of them better than yours. So, if the idea is to be mayor one day, you'd better man the fuck up!

Feb 15, 2019

More on Chicago:

Alderman of this ward makes a $104,000 a year. ... But then you add in the juice, right? He gives his friend a contract for a new building, gets a kickback. Gives his brother a contract for construction. Hell, he give his mama a contract for construction. That man owns a piece of every fucking thing. The only people coming after him, they got cameras and microphones. People coming after us with guns.
I'm a proud sixth generation Chicagoan. We laugh louder, we work harder, we sleep to the rattle of the "L" train.
I always said he should burn in hell. But, hey, Chicago'll do.
Mom, you always say a gun is a girl's best friend.
Look around you. It's like Custer's Last Stand. It's kill or be killed. Now, listen to me, son. Listen, we made this city. We're not having it taken away from us
by people who come here illegally... or by people who can't stop, you know...
making babies. That means staying in power... at all costs. You got that?


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