The book Runaway Twin, published in 2009, is an exciting story about a teenage girl named Sunny Skyland, who goes on a journey to find her twin sister, Starr. Sunny has been yearning to be reunited with Starr ever since they were separated when they were three years old.
Sunny finds a bag of money that someone dropped, and she runs away to go from her foster home in Nebraska to Enumclaw, Washington, where she and Starr lived before they got separated. Along the way, she adopts a stray dog she found and names him Snickers. After going through many obstacles, such as a huge tornado, Sunny finally makes it to her long-lost sister's house, only to be confronted with another completely different problem.
This book is a very good book; the main characters are all very well described. The book is also in first-person point of view, so the reader can see how Sunny thinks. For example, Sunny is obviously very determined; even a tornado can't stop her from finding Starr. Snickers is also a very important part of the story; he is very loyal and obedient to Sunny, and even though there were a lot of problems because Snickers is a dog, Sunny does keep him. Runaway Twin also kept my interest very well; in the book there's a good mix of description and action, and the book is very exciting. It's also suspenseful, and the reader wants to know what happens after Sunny finds Starr.
Again, Runaway Twin is a very good book, and I highly recommend it for ages 9-13.

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