Blood Work
Blood Work An Original Hollows Graphic Novel By Harrison, Kim Book - 2011

Author Kim Harrison has created a graphic novel telling us the story that we all wanted to know about, what happened when Rachel and Ivy first met. Told from Ivy's point of view, we see their first case, how they learned to trust and respect the other, and how Piscary set up Rachel as a temptation for Ivy.

The problem with any graphic novel adaptation of a literary is that the characters do not match with what you see in your head. So Rachel's hair is a little to curly, and Ivy is a little too short. Plot wise the story is OK, but lacks the depth and intricacy of a full length Hollows book.

Still, fans of the series will enjoy seeing the characters that inhabit the series in graphic form, especially Kisten. There is no Jenks, which means the story lacks the much of the wit of the novels too.

Take it or leave it.

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