Columbo Mystery Movie Collection 1994-2003 DVD - 2012

The final 7 episodes of Peter Falk's TV-movie series "Columbo". These episodes were aired from 1994-2003. Although slowing down a tad, not quite as fast on the uptake with his "oh, one more thing ..." routine, Mr. Falk remains in good acting form right to the final episode. Unfortunately, some of the scripts and supporting actors don't fare as well. The first episode of the set "Butterfly in Shades of Gray" though shows the series at its best, with William Shatner as a right-wing radio talk-show host: a jealous, controlling, scheming, murderous, antagonist. After this Shatner episode, the producers apparently decide to change the character and the nature of plots, maybe to make the detective more realistic, in some cases a more "film noir" presentation, in others to provide such transparent clues as to make the solution readily apparent, all to appeal to a younger audience perhaps. For the most part it doesn't work. The final episode "Columbo Likes the Nightlife" is almost a caricature of the original series, with a ridiculous plot (for a "Columbo"), and excepting Mr Falk, very poor acting, very poor script-writing, and represents a series low point.

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