Rethinking Normal
Rethinking Normal A Memoir in Transition By Hill, Katie Rain Book - 2014

The first time I heard about Katie Rain Hill was during one of her many interviews on television. She’s been interviewed for CNN, ABC’s 20/20, Tulsa World and many other media outlets. I haven’t read many memoirs, autobiographies or biographies in my lifetime, but I was curious and thrilled to get a chance to learn more about Katie’s story in her first book: Rethinking Normal.

If you haven’t heard of her, you’re probably wondering by now: what makes her so special? Well, she’s a transgender woman, which essentially means she was born male, but identifies as female.

In her book Rethinking Normal, Katie shares her life story—everything from childhood until now. She talks about her home life and school, falling in love, her transition and gender re-assignment surgery, and being a part of the LGBT community, taking an active part in bringing more awareness about being a transgender person.

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