The Language God Talks
The Language God Talks On Science and Religion By Wouk, Herman, 1915- Downloadable Audiobook - 2010

I wasn't familiar with Wouk's work (Winds of War, War & Remembrance), but I was sold on the title and the notes on the back of the CD, it sounded so good. But, I am not sure what this book is about, certainly not what you'd think from the title. It is collection of snippets of conversations with Nobel Prize winners, musings on what it means to be a Jew, and background about - as well as whole passages from - Winds of War and War & Remembrance.
If you are a Wouk fan, you might find this interesting, but for me it was like listening to a senile grandpa (he was 95 when this was published). Far too rambling and incoherent for my liking.

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