The Last Girl
The Last Girl My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State By Murad, Nadia Book - 2017

Nadia narrates her story in three parts. The first part describes her life in Kocho before ISIS arrived and revolves around her schooling and her family while giving an introduction to the reader about Yazidi culture and local traditions. It gives a lot of details about Kocho which occasionally feel too long and unrelated to the remainder of the story. The second part describes the arrival of ISIS and their methods to gain power while part three focuses on Nadia's personal struggle and fight against ISIS and how she was tormented and how she finally escaped and her life in refugee camps. This part is very touching and the way story is narrated makes even the strongest of the hearts to melt down and feel for the Yazidi girls. Nobody living in the western world can even come close to imagine what these poor ladies have been through. In the end, Nadia gives a small comparison of her life in refuge camp after her escape in contrast to her life before ISIS showed up. She also mentions her work with United Nations and a social group called Yazda and her work towards saving the other captives. But the details of this are not provided. Some more details could have been told in the last chapters after her escape about the camps and her work with UN and other organizations.
Nevertheless "The Last Girl" is a story that everyone should read and know about. I wish this genocide ends at the earliest and I wish Nadia becomes successful in her endeavors towards saving thousands of other girls like her who are still suffering at the hands of ISIS.

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