Food miles, locavores, organics, slow food, sustainability - the current conversation around food marks increasing concerns regarding where our food comes from, how it is produced and exactly how we got so far removed from the sources of what we eat.
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Fast Food Nation
The Dark Side of the All-American Meal
Book - 2001
Crisis & Opportunity
Sustainability in American Agriculture
Book - 2008
Food Matters
A Guide to Conscious Eating With More Than 75 Recipes
Book - 2009
Diet for A Hot Planet
The Climate Crisis at the End of your Fork and What You Can Do About It
Book - 2010
Just Food
Where Locavores Get It Wrong and How We Can Truly Eat Responsibly
Book - 2009
Twinkie, Deconstructed
My Journey to Discover How the Ingredients Found in Processed Foods Are Grown, Mined (yes, Mined), and Manipulated Into What America Eats
Book - 2007
My Empire of Dirt
How One Man Turned His Big City Backyard Into A Farm : A Cautionary Tale
Book - 2010
One Man, One Woman, and A Raucous Year of Eating Locally
Book - 2007
The Organic Cook's Bible
How to Select and Cook the Best Ingredients on the Market
Book - 2006
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