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Julian Assange
Julian Assange A Modern Day Hero : Inside the World of Wikileaks DVD - 2011 DVD 323.445 JUL Available in some locations
Wikileaks Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy By Leigh, David, 1946- Paperback - 2011 323.445 LEI Available in some locations
Open Secrets
Open Secrets WikiLeaks, War and American Diplomacy Paperback - 2011 323.445 OPE Available in some locations
Googled The End of the World as We Know It By Auletta, Ken Book - 2009 338.761 AUL Available in some locations
The Information
The Information A History, A Theory, A Flood By Gleick, James Book - 2011 020.9 GLE Available in some locations
The Al Jazeera Effect
The Al Jazeera Effect How the New Global Media Are Reshaping World Politics By Seib, Philip M., 1949- Book - 2008 302.2345 SEL Available in some locations
Next The Future Just Happened By Lewis, Michael Book - 2001 303.4834 LEW Available in some locations
Wiki Government
Wiki Government How Technology Can Make Government Better, Democracy Stronger, and Citizens More Powerful By Noveck, Beth Simone Book - 2009 320.973 NOV Available in some locations
CauseWired Plugging In, Getting Involved, Changing the World By Watson, Tom Book - 2009 303.4834 WAT Available in some locations
Cognitive Surplus
Cognitive Surplus Creativity and Generosity in A Connected Age By Shirky, Clay Book - 2010 303.4833 SHI Available in some locations
Here Comes Everybody
Here Comes Everybody The Power of Organizing Without Organizations By Shirky, Clay Book - 2008 303.4833 SHI Available in some locations
I Live in the Future & Here's How It Works
I Live in the Future & Here's How It Works Why your World, Work, and Brain Are Being Creatively Disrupted By Bilton, Nick Book - 2010 601.12 BIL Available in some locations
Viral Spiral
Viral Spiral How the Commoners Built A Digital Republic of Their Own By Bollier, David Book - 2008
The Master Switch
The Master Switch The Rise and Fall of Information Empires By Wu, Tim Book - 2010 384.041 WU Available in some locations
The Shallows
The Shallows What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains By Carr, Nicholas G., 1959- Book - 2010 612.8028 CAR Available in some locations
World Wide Mind
World Wide Mind The Coming Integration of Humanity, Machines and the Internet By Chorost, Michael Book - 2011
The Peep Diaries
The Peep Diaries How We're Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors By Niedzviecki, Hal, 1971- Paperback - 2009 302.24 NIE Available in some locations
Virtually You
Virtually You The Dangerous Powers of the E-personality By Aboujaoude, Elias, 1971- Book - 2011 616.8584 ABO Available in some locations
Alone Together
Alone Together Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other By Turkle, Sherry Book - 2011 303.4833 TUR Available in some locations
Hamlet's Blackberry
Hamlet's Blackberry A Practical Philosophy for Building A Good Life in the Digital Age By Powers, William, 1961- Book - 2010 303.4833 POW Available in some locations
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How do we keep secrets, maintain privacy and separate reality from virtual as we enjoy the potential of a digital age?

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