Books Every Second Grader Should Know

Young Cam Jansen and the Dinosaur Game
Young Cam Jansen and the Dinosaur Game By Adler, David A. Book - 1996 E ADL Available in some locations

Annotation:When 8-year-old sleuth Cam Jansen and her friend Eric go to a birthday party, she uses her photographic memory to solve the puzzle of the dinosaur count.

The Fire Cat
The Fire Cat By Averill, Esther Holden Book - 1988 E AVE Available in some locations

Annotation:Pickles, a spotted cat, was given a new home by Mrs. Goodkind, but runs away. Ultimately, he becomes a fire cat and lives at the firehouse.

The Case of the Hungry Stranger
The Case of the Hungry Stranger By Bonsall, Crosby, 1921-1995. Book - 1992

Annotation:Wizard and his friends are clueless when they are sent on the trail of a blueberry pie thief, until they hit upon a plan that is sure to nab the sweet-toothed pilferer.

Babar and the Ghost
Babar and the Ghost By Brunhoff, Laurent de, 1925- Book - 1981 E BRU Available in some locations

Annotation:The ghost of the Black Castle follows Babar and his family and friends back to Celesteville.

Hooray for the Golly Sisters!
Hooray for the Golly Sisters! By Byars, Betsy Cromer Book - 1992 E BYA Available in some locations

Annotation:In continued adventures, May-May and Rose take their traveling road show to more audiences.

The Josefina Story Quilt
The Josefina Story Quilt By Coerr, Eleanor Book - 1986 E COE Available in some locations

Annotation:While traveling west with her family in 1850, a young girl makes a patchwork quilt chronicling the experiences of the journey and reserves a special patch for her pet hen Josefina.

Who Put the Pepper in the Pot?
Who Put the Pepper in the Pot? By Cole, Joanna Book - 1992

Annotation:Mama Sue, Papa Joe, and the kids prepare a fiery pot of stew for visiting Aunt Tootie.

Baseball Ballerina
Baseball Ballerina By Cristaldi, Kathryn Book - 1992 E CRI Available in some locations

Annotation:A baseball-loving girl worries that the ballet class her mother forces her to take will ruin her reputation with the other members of her baseball team.

Too Many Babas
Too Many Babas By Croll, Carolyn Book - 1994 E CRO Available in some locations

Annotation:Four peasant ladies discover that too many cooks without a plan can spoil the broth.

Bravo, Livingstone Mouse!
Bravo, Livingstone Mouse! By Edwards, Pamela Duncan Book - 2000 E EDW Available in some locations

Annotation:An explorer mouse in search of China discovers that he must be careful to choose a new home that does not offend his sense of smell, sight, hearing, taste, or touch.

Leo, Zack, and Emmie
Leo, Zack, and Emmie By Ehrlich, Amy, 1942- Book - 1997 E EHR Available in some locations

Annotation:The new girl in Zach and Leo’s class affects the boys’ friendship.

Zinnia and Dot
Zinnia and Dot By Ernst, Lisa Campbell Book - 1992 E ERN Available in some locations

Annotation:Zinnia and Dot, self-satisfied hens who bicker constantly about who lays better eggs, put aside their differences to protect a prime specimen from a marauding weasel.

Watch Out, Ronald Morgan!
Watch Out, Ronald Morgan! By Giff, Patricia Reilly Book - 1986 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Ronald has many humorous mishaps until he gets a pair of eyeglasses. This book includes a note for adults about children’s eye problems.

Thunderhoof By Hoff, Syd, 1912-2004. Book - 1971 E HOF Available in some locations

Annotation:Thunderhoof, a wild horse, refuses to be tamed by the cowboys, but misses their company after they give up and turn him loose.

Pinky and Rex and the New Neighbors
Pinky and Rex and the New Neighbors By Howe, James, 1946- Book - 1997 E HOW Available in some locations

Annotation:When Pinky and Rex learn that their special friend Mrs. Morgan is moving, they worry about who their new neighbors will be.

Swamp Angel
Swamp Angel By Isaacs, Anne Book - 1994 E ISA Available in some locations

Annotation:Along with other amazing feats, Angelica Longrider, also known as Swamp Angel, wrestles a huge bear, known as Thundering Tarnation, to save the winter supplies of the settlers in Tennessee.

Stan the Hot Dog Man
Stan the Hot Dog Man By Kessler, Ethel Book - 1990 E KES All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:After he retires, Stan becomes a hot dog man and finds that his new job helps him come to the rescue during a big snowstorm.

Horrible Harry and the Ant Invasion
Horrible Harry and the Ant Invasion By Kline, Suzy Book - 1998 J KLI Available in some locations

Annotation:Horrible Harry of classroom 2B cuts back on his mischievous pranks after falling for Song Lee.

Arthur's Mystery Envelope
Arthur's Mystery Envelope By Krensky, Stephen Book - 1998 J KRE Available in some locations

Annotation:It looks like trouble when the principal asks Arthur to take home a large envelope marked “confidential.”

Lionel and His Friends
Lionel and His Friends By Krensky, Stephen Book - 1996 E KRE Available in some locations

Annotation:Lionel and his friends have dinner, trade sandwiches at school, eavesdrop on Louise and Emily, and play baseball.

Grasshopper on the Road
Grasshopper on the Road By Lobel, Arnold Book - 1978

Annotation:As Grasshopper sets out to follow a road, he meets some unusual characters.

Put Me in the Zoo
Put Me in the Zoo By Lopshire, Robert Book - 1960 E LOP Available in some locations

Annotation:A large, spotted animal discovers he really belongs in a circus, not a zoo.

Milo's Toothache
Milo's Toothache By Luttrell, Ida Book - 1997 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Milo Pig plans to visit the dentist about his toothache, but his friends overreact and make the outing into a big problem.

Fox at School
Fox at School By Marshall, Edward Book - 1993 E MAR Available in some locations

Annotation:Starring in the school play means hard work, and being left in charge means keeping the class under control. Fox thinks there’s nothing to it. So, when he’s put to the test, will Fox retreat? Never!

Make Way for Ducklings
Make Way for Ducklings By McCloskey, Robert, 1914-2003. Book - 1969 ER MACC Available in some locations

Annotation:Mr. and Mrs. Mallard proudly return to their home in the Boston Public Garden with their eight offspring.

Nina, Nina Ballerina
Nina, Nina Ballerina By O'Connor, Jane Book - 1993 E OCO Available in some locations

Annotation:An accident becomes an opportunity for Nina to stand out in a group of dancing butterflies at the dance show.

Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia
Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia By Parish, Peggy Book - 1996

Annotation:Amelia Bedelia, who knows very little about baseball, stands in for a sick player during a game.

Harry Gets An Uncle
Harry Gets An Uncle By Porte, Barbara Ann Book - 2002 E POR Available in some locations

Annotation:Harry is worried about being the ring boy at his Aunt Rose’s wedding.

Henry and Mudge in the Green Time
Henry and Mudge in the Green Time The Third Book of Their Adventures By Rylant, Cynthia Book - 1992 E RYL Available in some locations

Annotation:Henry and his 180-pound dog Mudge are best friends forever, and, in this third book of their adventures, they share summertime fun!

In A Dark, Dark Room
In A Dark, Dark Room And Other Scary Stories By Schwartz, Alvin, 1927-1992. Book - 1984 E SCH Available in some locations

Annotation:Seven scary stories to tell at night in front of a fire or in the dark, based on traditional stories and folktales from various countries.

Nate the Great and the Pillowcase
Nate the Great and the Pillowcase By Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman Book - 1995 J SHA Available in some locations

Annotation:Nate the Great investigates the disappearance of a homemade pillowcase belonging to Rosamond’s cat Big Hex.

Tales of Oliver Pig
Tales of Oliver Pig By Van Leeuwen, Jean Book - 1993 E VAN Available in some locations

Annotation:Five adventures of Oliver Pig with his family.

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