Information about Auditory Processing Disorder and issues affecting children with "hidden" disabilities.
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The Sound of Hope
Recognizing, Coping With, and Treating your Child's Auditory Processing Disorder
Book - 2010
When the Brain Can't Hear
Unraveling the Mystery of Auditory Processing Disorder
Paperback - 2003
Like Sound Through Water
A Mother's Journey Through Auditory Processing Disorder
Paperback - 2003
Train the Brain to Hear
Brain Training Techniques to Treat Auditory Processing Disorder in Kids With ADD/HDHD, Low Spectrum Autism, and Auditory Processing Disorders
Paperback - 2011
Supportive Parenting
Becoming An Advocate for your Child With Special Needs
Book - 2007
The ABCs of the ADA
Your Early Childhood Program's Guide to the Americans With Disabilities Act
Book - 2009
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Shut up About your Perfect Kid
A Survival Guide for Ordinary Parents of Special Children
Paperback - 2010
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