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RDPL_Teens created a list Dec 06 2017
RDPL Teens - Staff Picks for 2017
General Recommendations
"There's still a bit of time left in the year to fit some last minute book recs in. Check out what RDPL Staff have been enjoying!"
RDPL_Teens made a comment Nov 27 2017
""Your silence will not protect you." Audre Lorde A poignant quote form this Awesome YA book about girls standing up for themselves (and each other) against sexism and gender prejudice. Vivian, the main character, struggles throughout..." Permalink
RDPL_Teens rated a title Nov 27 2017
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RDPL_Teens created a list Nov 15 2017
"Check out one of these Brand NEW Y.A. books! You'll find them on display just inside the Mezz entrance."
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