Dec 01, 2020NedSu rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
This is an interesting mix of genres- speculative fiction, dystopian society, even, yes, a baseball tale. It presents a possible future base on the economics of capitalism and guided by an A.I. that may not have the best interests of humanity as it's purpose. The world is shown to us in broad strokes, no real details on how it got to that point. But that is just background for a group of resisting consumers to rise up against the upper class working people. Baseball, is the catalyst, and it was fun to read about baseball in the future. The young resistor is a stud and she works her way as a pitcher in a clandestine league and up to the Olympic Games. Like a batter, this novel has its swings and misses, but it triumphs in its spirit.