Apr 29, 2021librarianjessicaboorsma rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
This book was so atmospheric and well-written, and those twists totally got me. It's Jules' and Will's wedding, and they're having it on a remote Irish island. The guest list is long, and with so many people mingling from different parts of the couples' lives, there is bound to be some drama. It is a dark and stormy night, as it goes, and indeed, something is about to happen: someone is about to die. My favourite part of this book is the atmosphere. I could *feel* the island so perfectly, could hear the waves crashing, feel the boat rocking on Hannah's ride over, could smell the brine of the sea in the cave with Olivia. It was just so perfectly written to transport me into this world and onto this island, which is another one of my favourite parts of the whole thing: Lucy Foley's writing is top notch. I was disgusted when I supposed to be, concerned all throughout, and overall just captivated by the way Lucy writes each character. The first part of the book is more slow-moving. I was hoping to be wrenched into the story off the bat, but it does take a bit to get going. Once it's there, though, hoooooo boy, I could not put this baby down. I was suspicious off the get-go, but as more and more information was revealed and I started to make connections, I just had to know what was going on and if I was right. And...I wasn't. And I absolutely love that. When a book can take me fully by surprise, but when that shocking revelation makes sense looking back - that feeling is unparalleled for me. I think I just wanted more out of the ending, especially for Hannah. I wanted more of what comes after for these characters, when really, it kind of left on a cliff-hanger (hah). They are all such equal parts sympathetic and not, and I want to know more about them all beyond this one hellish weekend.