Jul 02, 2021Indoorcamping rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
This book is the opposite of a typical Michael Lewis underdog story in that the heroes are Cassandras rather than Paul Reveres. But what a brilliant insight into pandemic understanding and research this book is, and that makes it so much more frustrating. There’s a throwaway comment about how the next administration, which would be the Obama administration in this case, typically tosses all the information, gained knowledge and important research done in the previous administration. That just deflated me as a human hoping for civilization to learn and grow rather than reinvent the wheel, as they say. The Premonition is completely worth the fascinating read, if only to understand how closing schools is the biggest thing a community can do to slow the spread of a disease. I didn’t believe it before, but reading just a few clearly written pages convinced me how a kid’s world is not like an adult’s. It’s crowded and congested, germy, and perfect for spreading everything from colds to covid. You all love Michael Lewis because he brings insight and revelation into your party conversations. This one is no exception.