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Bedtime Math : the Truth Comes Out

Overdeck, Laura
Book, 2015

E513.2 OVE

Weird but True! Christmas

300 Festive Facts to Light up the Holidays

Book, 2017

J394.2663 WEI

Why, Fly Guy?

A Big Question & Answer Book

Arnold, Tedd
Book, 2017

E031 ARN

Ultimate Secrets Revealed!

A Closer Look at the Weirdest, Wildest Facts on Earth

Drimmer, Stephanie Warren
Book, 2018

J031.02 DRI

Human Body

Alexander, Heather
Book, 2017

E612 ALE

The Book of What If...?

Questions and Activities for Curious Minds

Murrie, Matthew
Book, 2016

J031 MUR

Freaky Fish

Herrington, Lisa M.
Book, 2016

E597.02 HER

First Big Book of How

Esbaum, Jill
Book, 2016

E600 ESB

Brain Candy

Seriously Sweet Facts to Satisfy your Curiosity. 3

Beer, Julie
Book, 2021

J031.02 BEE 3

Why Does My Shadow Follow Me?

More Science Questions From Real Kids

Vermond, Kira
Book, 2021

J502 VER

I Am Curious

A Little Book About Albert Einstein

Meltzer, Brad
Board Book, 2020


What Breathes Through Its Butt?

Mind-blowing Science Questions Answered

Grossman, Emily
Book, 2020

J502 GRO

Now You Know What You Eat

Fisher, Valorie
Book, 2019

E641.3 FIS

Your Amazing Digestion From Mouth Through Intestine

Settel, Joanne
Book, 2019

J612.3 SET

1,000 Facts About Insects

Honovich, Nancy
Book, 2018

J595.702 HON

The Byte-sized World of Technology!

Berger, Melvin
Paperback, 2017

J609 BER

Two Truths and A Lie

It's Alive!

Paquette, Ammi-Joan
Book, 2017

J508 PAQ

What Would Happen?

Boyer, Crispin
Paperback, 2017

J031.02 BOY

Why Do Dogs Drool?

A PAW Patrol Big Book of Why

Book, 2017

E031.02 WHY

Remarkable Plants

Probst, Jeff
Book, 2017

J580 PRO

Frogs and Toads

Herrington, Lisa M
Book, 2016

E597.8 HER

Why Do Cats Have Tails?

Ling, David
Book, 2016


Can I Eat That?

Stein, Joshua David
Book, 2016

E641.3 STE

How Deep Is the Ocean?

Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner
Book, 2016

E551.46 ZOE

How Things Work

Discover Secrets and Science Behind Bounce Houses, Hovercraft, Robotics, and Everything in Between

Resler, Tamara J.
Book, 2016

J500 RES

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